Voluntary Candidate Conservation Agreements Definition Apes

No. 2086 . Habitat for threatened or threatened species; Locally designated voluntary programs; Rules Activities that do not matter to agricultural activities; Extension of the authorisations (a) subject to the conditions it sets and on the basis of the best available scientific information (1), the Commission may authorise the collection of candidate species or (2) the collection of fish by hooks and lines for sport considered an endangered, threatened or candidate species, provided that in both cases the levy is in accordance with this chapter. (b) the service may recommend that the Commission authorize or not authorize the removal of an endangered, threatened or candidate species in accordance with this section. (1) Federal regulations are the preservation of the Chinook salmon spring run. As is used in this paragraph, “conservation” has the same meaning as that defined in section 2061. (6) The Division has implemented or approved a monitoring program based on objective scientific methods to provide the Division with information to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the agreement program, including the achievement of the net conservation benefits provided in the agreement and the implementation of the provisions of the agreement by the participating landowner. 5. INVITEs great and apes and the international community to ensure that the governance of the conservation of great apes involves local actors and that they receive technical and financial support in their conservation efforts through increased public and private funds and the development of innovative financing systems; and (g) mitigation measures implemented in accordance with this section are included in the desert renewable energy conservation plan after the completion of the plan, as long as the mitigation measures are consistent with the plan`s conservation strategy. (iii) implement, within a reasonable time frame, mitigation measures against the effects on candidate species, threatened species or threatened species concerned, including, where possible, a pre-reduction.

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