Agreement Al Castellano

Don Miguel Ruiz`s audiobook series, created with the international bestseller The Four Chords and now continuing with The Fifth Accord, is the most magical and intense literary experience since the mythical teachings of Don Juan, the writer Carlos Castaneda. Inspired by Tolec wisdom, this new record continues to insign the listener on the fascinating path of the Nagual, a resounding spiritual learning from the hand of shaman Miguel Ruiz and his son. Common short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, plus a whole editorial event awaited by millions of researchers and researchers around the world. Results: 222059 222059. Response time: 466 ms. If the four chords taught us shamanic techniques to leave behind old belief systems, the fifth chord goes even further by showing us how to look at reality with the eyes of truth and not words. “Don`t believe me, don`t believe and don`t believe anyone else,” the author recommends. For it is only by overcoming the mirage of a consensual reality that we will have access to our true knowledge. A practical guide to personal transformation….

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