Breach Of Settlement Agreement Eeoc

7. The Parties agree that, if the complainant believes that the Agency has not complied with the terms of this Agreement, the procedures set out in Section 1614.504 of the C.F.R. shall apply. The complainant shall inform the Director of the Agency`s EOT in writing of the alleged non-compliance within 30 days of the date on which the complainant was or should have been aware of a breach of this agreement. The claimant may require that the terms of the settlement agreement be explicitly implemented or that the claim be reinstated for further processing after the points processing has stopped. The Agency resolves the matter and responds in writing to the complainant. the Agency rejected his application; he filed a complaint from the EEOC through his agency; and then requested to be heard by an EEOC administrative judge, who asked the parties to participate in a conciliation conference.

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