Cardmember Agreement Hdfc Bank

19. In case of damage to objects during transport or fake items or receive the difference in the application and items, please contact the HDFC bank at one of our call center numbers or an email to within 7 days of receiving the gift/good item. HDFC Bank is not in a position or responsibility to recover or replace items if the request is made beyond 7 days, nor will it be in dispute with the Customer after 7 days after receiving the cashed items. 11. The calculation of bonus points by HDFC Bank credit cards is final, conclusive and binding for card members and cannot be disputed. The card member is subject to all the terms and conditions relating to the bonus points program indicated in the card member contract. 17. HDFC Bank sends items/vouchers exchanged to the cardholder`s registered address at the time of the exchange. The cardholder is solely responsible for the accuracy of the address and contact numbers registered with the bank, and HDFC Bank cannot be held responsible for the non-receipt of items/goods exchanged due to an incorrect/incomplete address and bank-managed contact numbers. 33.

This premium catalogue is considered to be final and current and replaces any previous communication from HDFC Bank to MyRewards. OneAssist is an exclusive service that offers you an easy way to save your wallet. WalletAssist protects you from credit card fraud, online and offline. 4. The bank may, at its sole discretion, authorize the card member to use the FasTrac option. The card member has the option to use the FasTrac option when cashing the merchandise by paying the entire purchase value in part by points, as indicated, and the debit balance on the credit card account. The exchange must be made by sending the filled cash coupon to `Rewards Helpdesk, HDFC Bank Cards Division, P.O. Box No.8654, Thiruvanmiyur, P.O., Chennai-600 041`, or deposited in an HDFC card deposit box. Details of the FasTrac option are published from time to time by the bank. The amount paid by debit from the credit card account is considered a retail purchase, with normal fees, and, if applicable, as bonus points.

The card account must have a sufficient credit limit to cover the purchase transaction as above under the FasTrac option. The amount debited to the card account is displayed in the corresponding statement of account. HDFC Bank reserves the right to add, modify, modify, modify or amend all or part of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice, or to replace it in whole or in part with another offer, whether similar or not to the Offer, or to withdraw it together. 10. THE HDFC BANK reserves the right to offer/withdraw special items for a specific client game that has been chosen at its sole discretion.

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