City Of Portland Collective Bargaining Agreements

Our office received questions about contract renewal and the negotiation process, which we gathered and answered below. The most frequently asked questions in our office were about the complete termination of the contract or the expiration of the contract, which are the first questions listed below. The city is asking unions to approve the same by negotiating a new contract with the District Council of Six-Union Unions (DCTU) that would begin on July 1. 5. The Agreement has been ratified by the members of the negotiation. When did collective bargaining for employed civil servants begin? What is an unfair labour practice and what is its impact on negotiations? Frequently asked questions about the Portland Police Association`s contract renewal and the basics of collective bargaining. Last week, on July 1, the City Council unanimously voted to extend the Portland Police Association`s contract for 1 year. Commissioner Hardesty explains the reasons for her vote in this statement, which is explained by the transparency of the Community throughout the negotiation process and by the agreement to allow the police`s portland Street Response alternative pilot programme to move forward with six expanded teams. The Mercury reports that the extension protects the police from COVID-related wage freezes and layoffs to which other city employees are subject and guarantees a 2.9% increase in 2021. Could you clarify that “the extension also postpones the adjustment of the cost of living of ECA members, as for other partners in the city as part of cost reduction, in order to fill a budget gap due to the COVID crisis.” The agreement comes after six weeks of negotiations between the City and the DCTU. The DCTU coalition includes AFSCME Local 189, Machinists Lodge 1005, IBEW Local 48, Plumber and Assembler Local 290, Operating Engineers Local 701 and Painters Local 10. Each union will submit the agreement for ratification by the members and the goal is to have ratified the agreement by June 5.

Our nearly 900 Portland members keep the city moving and provide important services in almost every office that benefits the Portland community. The agreement includes the city`s proposed wellness insurance plan and staff-based suspicion tests that appear to be affected by drugs and/or alcohol. . . .

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