Community Agreement For Class

A community agreement (also known as a group contract, learning agreement or class agreement) is a common agreement between learners on how we want to work together during our common period. This may include guidance on what it means to be respectful, rotational expectations, or accessibility needs (for example. B do not bring peanuts to teaching). The discussion and decision on how the group will work together establishes a collective responsibility to make the classroom a safer place and to allow students to express their needs in the development of a productive and equitable learning environment. By building community agreements as a classroom, we have the opportunity to promote shared responsibility and acceptance of the learning process by students. I have been guilty of uninspiring and unenforceable class rules. Thank you for enlightening me, I am new to inquiry learning and PYP. I only have it in Grade 4. But I seem to see too many teachers (maybe even myself!) giving empty words about the idea of the agreement, the idea that students actively participate in the construction of such agreements. In fact, if we creatively insert our students into making the agreements we want from our class. It`s hard for us to let go of control and guide students to make their decisions, not ours. I sometimes have the same thing with the survey.

Yes, the survey is often structured and needs to be structured, but do we pretend to ask questions about what students are interested in, or do we only find less than obvious ways to get them where we have already decided they should be? These two topics have been of great concern to me when the school year starts where I am. Maintaining these types of relationships requires commitment and a little planning. We need to show students that we care for them by creating a teaching environment that appreciates them and empowers them, even if they have a difficult behavior. In other words, we need to help set up a classroom container for students. Teachers are always supposed to set standards in a classroom. Teaching students to be self-disciplined and to learn respect is to become a science student. Class chords can make a class extremely awesome. Class chords can cause anyone to act and think in the same way as their teacher. .

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