Request Original Credit Agreement

Ask for all the advice, I asked Hoist Finance for a CCA regarding an old HSBC account, which I think was a loan. They gave me the race and first said they didn`t have one, so when I followed, they said it was an overdraft, so they didn`t need it. I think that is totally wrong. So I asked, they sent me a printed copy of HSBC`s terms and conditions and told me they were sending the information I requested. It was not a CSF. So we questioned him again. They said it was still a boarding house. I called HSBC to see if I could get any information from them, and they said it was a private loan, but that`s all they could say, because it`s been so long since they haven`t had any recordings, and they said they wouldn`t participate in sending information to Hoist. So I emailed Hoist again with this information, and basically, we keep going around in circles. I applied for a CSF agreement on 13 May 2020 and received a reply on 8 October. Since the debt is an overdraft, they did not provide it, which they do not have to do, according to my vote. But do I have a leg on which I can stand, which it took them five months for them to come back to me? These debts date back to 2008, but they say I`ve paid £20 in the last eight years, which means it`s not prescribed. 1.

You must provide me with a true copy of the so-called agreement to which you refer. It is my right, as part of your obligation, to provide a copy of the contract in accordance with the laws of section 78(1) Consumer Credit Act 1974. .

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